Food Panda Clone

Food Panda Clone

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This document is prepared by DOD IT Solutions, to give you an idea of how our FOOD PANDA features would be. If you are planning and have idea to become entrepreneur to extend  business, not to worry that you have chosen and placed  self in the right arena. It helps to move to next level in  business entrepreneurship and in developing  business ideas and solution,to attain target to the better performance.

Product Description


Placement of order
Notifications to both parties
Stage of confirmation
Preparation of food
Delivery gets assigned
Delivery of food


Easy Search
Search Engine Optimized
User Generated Content
User engagement
Beneficial for Businesses
Advertising Option for Businesses
Additional revenue sources


  • Login
  • Forgot password     
  • Registration
  • Search
  • Wallet
  • Sms details
  • Email log details
  • Payment page
  • Products
  • Online shopping
  • Quick launch
  • All-in-one platform
  • One-time payment
  • Check refund status


  • Login
  • Profile
  • Admin management
  • Product images and videos
  • User management
  • Product booking
  • Item management
  • Cancel item
  • Payment management
  • Cancellation policies
  • Sms log details
  • Email log details
  • Control panel
  • Booking report
  • Reports
  • Wallet deposit/print /cancel
  • Statistics
  • General settings


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