Bike Booking Script


This document is prepared by DOD IT Solutions, to give you an idea of how our BIKE BOOKING SCRIPT features would be. If you are planning and have idea to become entrepreneur to extend  business, not to worry that you have chosen and placed  self in the right arena. It helps to move to next level in  business entrepreneurship and in developing  business ideas and solution,to attain target to to the better performance.

Product Description

GENERAL FEATURES :                     

  • Secure Payments        
  • Time Saving
  • Best 24/7 Customer Support                      
  • Booking offers
  • Alerts Or Notifications                 
  • Membership Approval
  • Payment Integration               
  • User Friendly



  • Real Time Pricing
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Online Cancellation/Refund
  • Booking Amendments
  • Travel Advisory Services
  • Destination Management
  • Best Deals Guaranteed
  • Affiliate Model
  • Multiple Payment Options



  • Customer login credentials along with forgot password option.
  • Personal account details
  • Email notification
  • Search option enabled for source city and destination city
  • Check on available bike details, select desired seat, and boarding point
  • Send the booked ticket details via SMS
  • Send the booked ticket details via Email
  • Can view en-numbers of bike snaps and videos
  • User Wallet available
  • Payment Gateway enabled
  • Print tickets
  • Check refund status by entering the ticket number



  • Login credentials
  • Admin Profile
  • Agent details to view
  • Block/unblock agent record
  • Password change
  • Bike details to be managed ( add/delete/edit/block/unblock/pagination)
  • Seat structure designed
  • Bike images and videos managed
  • Passenger details managed
  • Ticket details managed
  • Seat details managed
  • Ticket bookings managed
  • Cancellation managed
  • Payment details managed
  • View bike transaction details
  • Cancelling policies
  • SMS details managed
  • Email details managed



  • Login credentials
  • Control Panel managed
  • Agent Profile
  • Deposits
  • Target and Incentives managed
  • Booking reports managed
  • Ledger details managed
  • Monthly-yearly-today chart managed
  • Bike transaction reports managed
  • Wallet/print ticket/cancellation managed



  • Login credentials
  • Tickets sold (day,month,year)
  • Ticket sale graph
  • City management
  • Manage the city details (edit, status, delete, pagination)
  • Route management
  • User management
  • Manage the users details(edit,delete,status)
  • Passengers management
  • Ticket details
  • Booker details
  • Seat details
  • Bike type management
  • Ticket booking managed
  • Ticket cancellation
  • Seat managed
  • Payment managed
  • Commission managed
  • Refund status
  • Cancelling Policy
  • Bike service details
  • Advantage of ticket booking
  • Bulk SMS managed
  • Sms log details
  • Email log details
  • Banners managed
  • Manage marquee text
  • Day-to-day offer coupon codes would be generated.


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